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Latest Franchising Insurance and Risk Prevention News

Keys to Structuring the Proper Insurance Requirements in a (Potentially) Joint-Employer World
March 16, 2016--The recent joint-employer ruling by the National Labor Relations Board threatens disruption to the franchise model. Here are some insurance-related issues to consider that can address joint-employer and employment practices issues.
Why You Should Care About FDD Insurance Requirements and Franchisee Compliance
Nov. 20, 2015--Many franchisors struggle figuring out what insurance requirements they need and, once they are written, enforcing them. Obviously there’s nothing to enforce until requirements are drafted. Here are five key things to consider.
Top 5 Reasons Why a Good Insurance Program Matters - Reducing a Franchisor's Vicarious Liability
Jan. 28, 2015--There are multiple risks that are unique and inherent to franchisors and franchisees as a result of the business model. Franchisors would be well advised to recognize that, and put a plan in place to reduce vicarious liability.
Franchisors and franchisees alike need to worry about Data Privacy and Security
Data breaches anywhere in a franchise system place everyone at risk--franchisees and the franchisor. (Image used under Creative Commons from Bob Mical - 18, 2014--Small businesses face increasing exposure from data privacy risks and, ultimately, entire franchise brands are exposed. If customer data is compromised at one location, the public is likely to believe it is system-wide problem.
Top Five Ways to Prevent Franchisor’s E&O Claims
 former or prospective franchisees. Image used under Creative Commons from Shashi Bellamkonda ( 13, 2014--Franchisor’s E&O insurance provides protection from alleged errors, omissions or negligence in a franchisor's professional services to the franchisees. Here are some best practices to reduce the likelihood of a Franchisor’s E&O claim.
The Top Six Things Franchise Systems Should Learn From The Target Data Breach
 Targets data breach was drastic but its important to note that most data security breaches occur at smaller companies. Image used under Creative Commons from Jay Reed ( 4, 2014--Although painful for Target and their customers, there are good lessons for franchisors and franchisees that can be learned from the unfortunate data breach they recently experienced.
Franchising World - Reducing Your Brand’s Exposure to Liability
Nov. 27, 2013--One of the growing challenges facing franchisors and franchisees today is the threat to their brand and reputation from lawsuits, claims and incidents that happen involving other franchise locations.
Five Key Protections Provided by Franchisor’s Errors & Omissions Insurance
Oct. 29, 2013--Franchisor’s Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance protects the franchisor from alleged mistakes, exclusions or negligence in their professional services to franchisees.
Data Privacy Risk Exists Even When Using Merchant Processing for Credit Card Transactions
Oct. 2, 2013--Franchisors often use a merchant processor for credit card transactions. With no credit card information on file, they don't have an exposure from card usage. But this does not eliminate all exposure for a franchise system.
Four Ways to Reduce Products Liability Claims to Your Franchise System
 as attorneys are beginning to seek damages from product retailers in addition to manufacturers. Sept. 9, 2013--A recent article in Franchise Times, illustrated the lengths to which plaintiff’s attorneys are going to hold franchisors responsible for vicarious liability claims.